2016 Trends!
Tuesday, May 3, 2016

WOW! It’s been a while since I have had a chance to keep my fellow newlyweds updated but better late than never!
Here are the newest trends into the year 2016:

Out with traditional overrated blush pink that every bride dreams about…and in with the COLOR!! 2016 brings us a colorful pallet. We are in Miami. Bringing out the beautiful shades of Hot Pink & Bright Orange are POPPIN with color.

Freshly picked flowers is another new trend on the rise!! I personally love a bouquet with not only a pop of color but natural greens to compliment it. Typically, most brides do not stray out of their comfort zone with their bouquet BUT it is what is going to stand out the most in your photos. — on that note, a bouquet blog will be posted soon

2016 has also brought the “family style receptions” to life. I have mixed feelings on the layout. It is beautiful as a whole + the entire family can sit together causing less stress for the bride & groom with creating a seating chart. HOWEVER, there is a downside. Family style dinner receptions causes less space for your guests. Especially with a nice dress on. Plus, your décor gets minimized as well since there is less room on the table.
Pinterest is an amazing site. The ideas it offers are infinite. I would say into 2016 only use Pinterest as inspiration. Make your wedding day your own. Create your own details and bring them to life. Then maybe, other newlyweds will be using your wedding day as inspiration!

Metallics & Sequins!! My all-time favorite. These accents have made a huge hit into 2016. Being tasteful is key. Hints of sequin or metallic combinations can really bring out your reception. From table linen to bridesmaid dresses. A little Sparkle Never Killed Nobody!

Lastly, a mixture of themes in one event have made a huge breakthrough. Modern, Vintage & Farm? Sounds crazy right? But I can assure you it is completely fabulous. Play around with your decor. Not focusing on “tradition” can actually turn out to be quite magical.

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