We have all been to weddings where we get the favors and immediately say to ourselves, “What am I supposed to do with this?” Here are 10 wedding favors which your guests will know exactly what to do with.
Macaroons. These decadent little cookies are not new to the wedding scene, but they are a timeless classic. Macaroons are endlessly customizable whether you want varying flavors or colors to match your theme. It is likely your guests will have these little beauties devoured before they even leave your reception.
Craft Olive Oil, Jam, or Spices. Fancy kitchen products are something for which most anyone has a use. Even if some of your guests are not good in the kitchen, craft pantry items in decorative bottles or jars will at least look pretty on display in someone’s kitchen.
Potted Plants. Potted plants are tricky since not everyone has a green thumb. You can work around that though. Choose plants which are easy to care for like mini fern, succulents, or cacti and make them part of your décor or set them off to the side for guests to pick up as they leave.
Handcrafted Cookbooks. Take all of the best recipes from your family and your soon-to-be spouse’s family and compile them all into one book for your guests to enjoy.
Cigar Bar. A cigar bar is a favor guests could possibly enjoy during the reception. Just make sure your venue has a designated smoking area for guests. If there is not a suitable area to enjoy a cigar at your venue, give guests the option to pick out their own cigars to take home.
Homemade or Craft Candles. Few can resist a great smelling candle. Pick a scent which embodies your personalities, and when your guests go to light it, they will think of you and the great time they had at your wedding.
Handcrafted Soap. Fancy soap is a luxury that almost anyone can appreciate. When you pick out the scent for the soap you want to give, though, pick something light and not overpowering. Also try to look for non-harmful ingredients which are less likely to irritate the skin of the recipients.

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