Corporate Event Planning Mistakes
Thursday, February 1, 2018

Corporate events can be a stressful time, especially for those who are planning the event. Making sure the employees of the company have a great time and that the party goes off without a hitch requires a series of small steps—many of which are easy to overlook in the chaos leading up to the event. Here are 5 overlooked steps and mistakes which are often made in the planning of corporate events and should be double checked well before the actual event.

Late Start. Do not let procrastination get the best of you. Planning a holiday party in August may seem silly, but to event planners it might be necessary. Set the date for your event as soon as you possibly can and book venues and hotels at that time. You do not want to struggle to find accommodations for employees and have to settle for something sub-par because you waited too long. Guest speakers and entertainment should also be booked and notified early on. Guest speakers need time to plan their speeches and should have some idea of what you want them to talk about. Entertainment should be booked so they do not get snagged away for a different event. Most importantly, get contracts signed right away to ensure you have your place held for the date of the event.

Overlapping Events. Make sure there are no competing events at the same time as your planned party. You would like nothing less than half of your guests to decide they would rather go to another or more important event instead of yours. Do not just hope your event will be chosen above another one on the same day. Decide on an event date that does not conflict with any other and notify employees as soon as possible. This way, they too can avoid events which may conflict.

Unconfirmed Vendors. It is absolutely important to sign contracts with your vendor, but your contract does nothing for you on that day if the vendor does not show up. Confirm the date of your vendor at least twice before the day arrives. It is easy for paperwork to get lost with vendors who book multiple events in a short amount of time. After your conversation with the vendors concerning the small details of the event, have yet another conversation with them to ensure your date is still on their calendar. You do not want to be left in the lurch with a bunch of hungry guests.

No Backup Plan. Having an event outdoors? Have a backup plan. Weather is only predictable to a point, and if you plan your event months ahead of time (as you should) there is no way to know what the weather will do that day. Put in place rain dates and alternate venues to ensure that your party will go on. Other mishaps such as power outages, overflow parking, and issues with hotel room availability should also be considered and planned for at all costs.

Understaffing. Nothing ruins a party as much as a long line at the bar. Know how many guests will be attending the event and be sure there is sufficient staff to accommodate everyone in a timely fashion. Also be sure the staff has the required experience for large parties. You do not want staff who does not know what they are doing to be running around at this very busy time.

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