Don’t Forget to… (when taking your Wedding Photos)
Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Every bride is well aware that her Wedding Photos is ultimately the only memory she will have of her Wedding day. You can remember it vaguely 20 years later but the photos in the album will take you back as if it happened yesterday. This is why, my dear brides I have created a list of things that most brides forget to do before they take these memorable photos. 

  1. Freshen up! Think about how many times you have kissed your groom at this point…I’m pretty positive it will be more then you can count. You can have on the best lipstick in the world but i promise you it will not be intact the whole night unless you freshen up!! You do not need a whole beauty squad but when you arrive at your next destination head to your dressing room and touch up a bit. 
  2. “This is my good side.” Hello, every girl has one. Lets not even front. Us girls know that when it is time to pose we unconsciously know what side is considered our “good side.” Stick with it. Especially on your wedding day. You know your angle, work it. 
  3. Posture. I cannot stress your posture enough. Sit straight. There is nothing more unattractive in a women then looking “hunchback” in pictures. Especially on your wedding day. When the photo calls for a seating arrangement, sit up STRAIGHT. The photo will come out 10x better! P.s you’re a lady, cross your legs. 
  4. Props & Accessories. Whether you are holding your bouquet or a clutch make sure your accessories are being held properly. How horrifying is a photo of you and your new hubby and your bouquet looks like its having a stroke because you forgot about it. Proper placement? When using a Traditional Bouquet it is most proper to hold it in front of you, at waist level, not so attached to your hips. If its a chill photo and you want to droop it down beside you, do it with class.
  5. Smiling. A smile is your best accessory of course. Plus, it is your wedding day so if your mouth isn’t hurting because your smiling from ear to ear for hours then maybe you made a mistake…JUST KIDDING. But seriously ladies, do not fake smile in your photos, you can so tell. Your smile should be genuine and loving. Even if you just finished ripping someone apart for stepping on your toe, when the photographer says THREE…look as happy as can be !!
  6. Ultimately Relax. It is your wedding day. the day you’ve been dreaming about. Make sure to show the real you in your photos, do not be a try hard because you can tell the difference. Be happy, love your husband, and show it in your photos. A picture can tell a thousand words, make it count.

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