Purple, Wedding Color Pantone of 2018
Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The New Year has arrived, and with it the pantone color of the year, Purple! Expect to see purple in various hues starting to hit your favorite wedding magazines. Bridesmaids, florals, linen, and lighting, purple is the new pink in weddings. It pairs wonderfully with all metals! Try dark purple and gold for a royal feel, or lilac purple and silver for a fresh cool summer wedding. Either way you add purple you can’t go wrong.

Placing things on tables? Boring! Try using all the space in your venue by hanging décor! Many event planners are turning to the ceiling for inspiration. Hang your cake on a swing. Hang hoops of floral behind your sweetheart table or the bar. Hang large balloons for a champagne effect. Get inspired with this new trend. The ideas are endless!

Let’s get transparent about the new wave in Wedding designs, Transparent Elements. See-through has become the new accessory in events. Great for our minimalist and modern couples, transparent elements reflect light and create a clean slate for all colors. Everything from chargers and floral vases to tables and chairs are going clear.

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