Say I Do….BUT also please I DON’T
Thursday, September 17, 2015
Wedding planning can overwhelm you. Especially since well, it is the first time you are planning a wedding. How do you know what to do ? What comes first? When planning a wedding it is highly recommended to have some sort of written plan of guidance to assure you aren’t missing any details and to cause less havoc. A wedding planner is always a good route. When planning your wedding you really need to not only think about yourself, but the guests that will be in attendance. How would you like them to feel when they enter your Ceremony/Reception? What kind of ambiance would you like to create?
The best way to come to a conclusion on what you DO want and what you DO NOT want is to go by personal experiences. Think about previous weddings you have been to. What did you like? What drove you crazy ? and ultimately, how can yours be BETTER !
Through my personal experience I have come up with a list of Do’s and Don’ts that can maybe give you a little push in the right direction.
PLEASE DO be CLEAR & PRECISE with the vendors you are working with. In my previous blog I explained how miscommunication can ruin a whole wedding. Be sure that every single vendor you are working with understands every detail that is expected on your wedding day. The best way in my experience to be sure that everything is in order is to avoid VERBAL communication and have everything written down. Send emails when talking about details, make sure that they confirm that they received the email. It is honestly the best form of proof. So that when the day comes a long and they say ” well you never told me that” you can say well here is my email that says I did.
PLEASE DO be sure that your personality as long as your husbands is a key aspect of the wedding day. I cannot stress this enough! BE YOURSELF.  When your family and friends join you on your special day it is only common to have them feel the Bride & Grooms presence just in the layout. Include details that are “insiders” amongst the both of you. Incorporate things that you love but also things that he loves. Ladies, I know it is difficult to not control the whole wedding but let your hubby to be have some input. He is getting married to.
PLEASE DO choose hair and makeup that suits you best. I would try out your hairstyle and make up before the day of your wedding. If you go solely off what a brides hair and make up looks like on a celebrity or a bridal mag…you might end up disappointed.  Every brides facial features and hair textures are different, what might look good on her…might not do you justice. When choosing your hair and makeup, try to select something fairly close to what you do on an everyday basis. Why? if your fiance has never seen your hair in an up-d0, when you’re walking down the isle it might throw him off, you want to show him the woman he fell in love with, not someone completely different.
PLEASE DO try on your heels before the day of your wedding! I cannot imagine anything more horrific then a bride walking down the isle and tripping over herself because she is not used to the heels she selected. BREAK THOSE BABIES IN!! when hubby to be isn’t home, put on some socks and slide those babies on. Walk around the house, clean in them, relax in them, grab the broom and dance in them. It may sound funny but you do not want your feet to be in pain the day of your wedding because no matter how happy you are, your face will show otherwise.

PLEASE DO say Thank-You. If your wedding was the day of your dreams be sure to thank the people who made it happen. Everyone helped make that day possible and it is only common courtesy to show them that they are appreciated.


PLEASE DON’T Social Media. Disconnect from social media. Your wedding day is about YOU. Do not verify to all of the followers every single detail of your wedding day. If they are somebody important to you, they will be at the wedding. You can update your relationship status the next day (if you need to). IG, Twitter, FB, Tumblr, Pinterest will be the same after the wedding.

PLEASE DON’T  Starve.  Bride to be’s please remember to eat. I know it is a big day and you have a lot of things on your mind other then food, but EAT WOMAN! It can be a small snack (in case you are worried about bloating) or a full meal, no one likes hungry women. We are feisty when not fed. Especially since you will be drinking at your reception…empty stomach+alcohol=disaster.  
PLEASE DON’T  hesitate to minimize the toasts. Give your Maid of Honor & Best man a time limit on the mic please! Especially if they have had a couple of drinks prior. 1-2 minutes of show time is more than enough. Not only can it get boring for your guests but it creates to much room for the wrong thing to be said. It is a party, not a school presentation.
PLEASE DON’T Panic. Things will go wrong. It happens all the time. Do not freak out and let that small error ruin your day. I promise it will feel like the worst thing in the whole entire world at the moment but later you will look back on it with your husband and laugh. Just go with the flow, let out good vibes and everything will fall in place.
PLEASE DON’T go with tradition if that is not what you want.  It is YOUR wedding. If there are traditional things you and hubby aren’t quite into…don’t do them. You can do whatever you want, you are paying for it and it is your day. You don’t want to toss the bouquet into a crowd of women…don’t. Who says you have to ? Have a pizza cake if you want one? Sure. Unique weddings are the best weddings. Who wrote the book on TRADITION?

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