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Friday, September 25, 2015

Wedding superstitions are the most ridiculous trends I have ever heard of, however, we all make sure they are incorporated in our special day. But why don’t we question them ? Do we know where they originated before we do them ? OR do we do them because well, everyone else is doing it ?? I have decided to educate you on where these superstitions started and how they are incorporated now in modern day.

The Reveal of the Wedding Dress

Ever since I was born it was common tradition to not let your hubby-to-be see you in your wedding dress before you walk the aisle. WHY?? Long ago when arranged marriage was common the bride and groom were not allowed to see each other AT ALL. Their marriage was arranged by the two families. The father of the bride (being a concerned father) wanted his daughter to marry into wealth; however, the saddest part is arranged marriages were created so that the groom had no choice but to see his wife as she was walking down the aisle so all he could say was I DO. This is why the veil was created!! To hide the brides face until the last second possible making it to late to say I DON’T!Today, we are not that extreme (thank god). However, the tradition still carries. Now brides do not let hubby-to-be see them before the wedding to make it a more memorable experience. Although, it is not necessary in any way. Some couples feel a lot better before the wedding if they see each other, it calms the nerves. Imagine, women are the worst critics. Our mind is going through a million thoughts before we say I DO, and the most common thought is…is he going to like my dress, my makeup, my hair!! I would recommend you talk with each other and decide whats best for the both of you.

Am I next ?

This is my favorite superstition. The throwing of the bouquet & garter! There is nothing more entertaining then seeing a group of single women tackle one another to catch the brides bouquet because they THINK it means they are next to wed…come on now. This crazy superstition started in medieval times, where the guests of the wedding would take a piece of the brides gown (while she was still wearing it) because it was believed to be “lucky”. Groups of vicious people would follow the newlyweds to their bedroom and rip fragments of her gown off of her. This is why the throwing of the bouquet and garter were created; to distract them and leave the bride with a perfectly intact gown.

Old Cake (yum)

The freezing of the top tier of your wedding cake is very thoughtful, however, gross. This superstition started out because back in the day, shortly after marriage, a baby was supposed to be on the way. This meant that the wedding & christening ceremony were very close in date. Therefore, newlyweds would freeze the top tier of their wedding cake and serve it at the christening of their newborn. Three tiers were commonly used because the bottom tier was for the reception, the middle tier was to distribute, and the top tier was for the christening.  TODAY, however, the tradition still stands, but is used differently. Not every newlywed is rushing to have their first child, meaning the length of conservation of the cake widened (more than a year, even more gross) and so now, the top tier is eaten on the newlyweds first wedding anniversary.

Carry me 

Getting carried like a child by your hubby is honestly a beautiful gesture. However, it does have various points of origins. The first started in Medieval Europe with a sexual connotation. Brides were carried over the threshold so they wouldn’t look so desperate to loose their virginity, if the guy carries her, the thirst is on him! In western Europe, it leaned more towards the clumsiness of  a bride. It was believed that if the bride tripped over the threshold, it would bring bad luck to the marriage. This was avoided by the bride being carried over by hubby.  Lastly, in ancient cultures, it was believed that brides were vulnerable to evil spirits through the soles of her feet, so, the groom carried his wife to ensure no bad spirits would enter their home. TODAY, the groom carries his wife as a romantic gesture to welcome him into his life.

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