The Future of Weddings and Other Events After COVID-19
Thursday, July 23, 2020

It’s truly an unpredictable time for us all. The questions remain, especially when it comes to gatherings like weddings, bar or bat mitzvahs, quinceaneras, and other events. According to the CDC, the limitations in place restrict group gatherings to less than 50 people, while federal guidelines propose no more than 10. We don’t know what the future precautions will be, so what really comes next? 

At Aqua, we see this time as a temporary setback. We plan for your weddings and special events to be some of the best memories you have to date. This “new normal” shouldn’t keep you from booking your 2020-2021 events. At Aqua, we ensure your getting the best of the best treatment and we looking forward to going back to these events. Although your special events will look very different, it will be okay. We know this sounds sad and scary, but we believe the future of weddings and other special occasions will long remain the most joyful of days for families. We’ve asked some of our leading Event Coordinators at Aqua [how they see the future of weddings and other events after COVID-19] for tips to help us plan accordingly. Keep in mind: the CDC continues to issue new guidelines as states and businesses reopen.

Here are some ideas from our Event Coordinators: 

Innovative Hand Sanitizing Solutions

The health of your guests that are with you on your special day is important. Consider all the moments your guests are shuffling between rooms, pulling out their seats, lifting glasses, and possibly shaking hands with each other. The solution to staying cleanly is simple: to have accessible sanitizers and wipes everywhere in the venue, and to even be more inventive about it. Some ideas could be placing individual sanitizer bottles near the seat placement, having sanitizing stations at each room entrance, and having the staff and waiters in PPE. These options are to keep the venue sterile and your guests’ health in check.  

Inventive Catering Changes

The catering and the distribution of menu options will be heavily-impacted. The guests and servers at weddings and other events after COVOD-19 will be accompanied by a new set of rules and serving etiquette. While amazing food and libations are still top-of-mind at these events, the manner in which these dishes and drinks are prepared and served should ensure utmost safety precautions. Proper food temperatures, staff in PPE, and adequate training of workers are guaranteed. These new levels of safety are in place to proactively protect all in attendance.

Consider a More Intimate Guest List

Families planning these events are encouraged to check in with their respective venues about both indoor and outdoor capacities. It might be smart to cut down the list of guests to ensure proper safety for all. Cutting down the list of attendees is difficult, especially for such a heartwarming event, but doing so will evoke a sense of intimacy for the gathering. Also, fewer guests in larger spaces to allow for more room for decor and impactful design concepts. 

Don’t worry, dancing is still an option for weddings and other events. Satellite dance floors, similar to a festival, will avoid overcrowding for all guests to bust out a move. The guest experience is pertinent, and weddings and other events after COVID will benefit guests at the very least. More than anything, people will not take one second of celebrating your special day for granted. Your loved ones can’t wait to celebrate with you in person, so imagine how much more heightened the experience will be when they attend special events after COVID. Although there are a few silver linings to these circumstances, it has served as an incredible lesson in the power of togetherness, intimacy, and celebration. 

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