The meaning behind the Flower
Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Did you know that Flowers can speak ? Flowers are the most diverse form of nature on the planet. The type of flower you choose for your wedding can set the tone for your future. What flower will you choose??

When planning a wedding you have infinite options on the usage of flowers. Centerpieces, Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Party favors, decoration; the list goes on and on…Have you ever thought of what each flower was saying ? The details of your wedding are essential, choose the flower with the meaning that best suits you.

Flowers you may want to AVOID

Although all flowers are beautiful, they might come with a negative meaning, and lets be honest you would not want to start your life together on a negative note.

Larkspur: Infidelity & Lavender. This flower symbolizes distrust.

Foxglove & Yellow Lillies: Insincerity & falsehood

Christmas Rose: Scandal

Marigold: Grief

Must Have Flowers:

Freesia: Trust

Clematis: Love Vine

Aster: Love & Daintiness

Red Tulips: Declaration of Love
White Tulip: Perfect Lover
Yellow Tulip: Hopeless Love

Iris: Wisdom & Hope

Red Roses: Love
Red & White Roses: Unity

Ivy: Marriage

Red Carnations: Pure Deep Love

Lily: Purity

Set the right tone for your wedding. Choose a flower that speaks the language you want to hear the day of your wedding. Flowers can be used as last for a lifetime.

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