The Perfect Dress
Wednesday, September 16, 2015

When it comes to planning a wedding, I feel like picking out your wedding dress is one of the most stressful phases of the whole process. Every girl wants to feel beautiful, flawless, impeccable on their wedding day, not only for their personal opinion, but they want everyone else to look at them and be like “Wow, she looks PERFECT”! Although every woman is perfect in their own way, impressing others unfortunately is not a simple task. Everyone always has something to say. Here are some tips to help every bride stress less while find the PERFECT DRESS…

Tip # 1: Scheduling your dress appointment

You never EVER want to schedule your appointments late in the day. Picture yourself at work, when are you the most energized and willing to work ?? Early in the day, at-least for me. As mid-afternoon approaches your energy level is slowly decreasing. When picking your wedding dress, you will need an energetic, filled with life, bridal staff! If they aren’t into it when you get there, the whole appointment will be a drag.

Tip#2: Finding the perfect body fit

No one knows your body better than you do. Although it is very easy to get caught up in the latest trends and opinions, you need to find the silhouette that best suits YOU. The first step in feeling beautiful in your dress is to make sure it suits your body type. Women come in all shapes and sizes and although you might of dreamt about one type of dress, it might not be the best choice for you.

Tip#3: Pay close attention to the details of your dress

When you look back at your pictures and videos of your special day you will notice every detail of your wedding dress, more then anything. When looking through dress selections, pay close attention to the top of your wedding dress in particular. Look at the detail, how it accentuates your figure. Most of your pictures are close ups and if your top is lacking, you will soon come to hate your gown. Not to mention, the top is what your guests notice the most. If it isn’t flattering to your bust, reconsider.

Tip#4: Bring a camera to your appointments

Women know more then anyone how the mirror can be deceiving. Photos do not lie. In order to make sure that the dress fits right, and makes you feel GLAMOROUS, take a SELFIE in each dress. Once you leave the salon and go home and review the pictures from your potential dresses, you will soon notice details that you didn’t while you were infatuated with yourself in the mirror. Remember your memory of your wedding is through pictures, if you never see how you look in your dress through a photo till the special day…it might end up horrifying. You are your own worst critic. Everyone can say they love it, its beautiful, blah blah blah…but if you DON’t, look elsewhere.

Tip#5: The Audience doesn’t always applaud

When going to your dress appointments I recommend not to bring a whole audience to help you. I wouldn’t recommend you go alone either, but one or two people is more than enough. TOO MANY OPINIONS! Choosing the perfect dress is already stressful enough…you really don’t need someone else driving you even more crazy and mixing up how you feel. It is YOUR WEDDING. The more opinions that are announced, the more stressed you feel, and then everything you try on will just be worse and worse. Your brain is powerful and it is easy to jump to conclusions without knowing if that is how you really feel. Bring people you trust, that know you, and have your best interest at heart. In reality, if you love it, so will they.

Tip#6: Undergarments 

One of my biggest pet peeves is a bra strap!!! I believe they are called undergarments for a reason, with all of the selections we have of bra types, your bra should not be visible at any point. When trying on wedding gowns, it is best to not wear a bra at all. A bra strap can throw off the whole feel of a wedding dress. However, I know that some women are not comfortable without a bra on, FINE..but PLEASE do not wear a bra from when you were in high school that looks like it has been through hell and back. Trust me, you spend most of your time at your dress appointments in a bra and panties, if you get insecure looking at yourself in your undergarments…that will bring negativity to your next dresses.

Tip#7: SiZiNg

You know how they say “Don’t judge a book by its cover?” well I say “Don’t judge a dress by its size”. When looking through your options, do not discard a flawless dress because it is not your size…that is why tailors are hired. Before looking at the size of the dress, look at the detail. Can you picture yourself in this dress? Will it look good on you ? Is this the dress? Is it even worth trying on? If you go straight to looking at the size, you wont even notice the way the dress looks. Bridal staff have clamps and techniques to give you the vision you need to see if the dress fits the part.

Tip#8: Accessories

I LOVE ACCESSORIES. I have always thought that accessories can make or break your outfit. When looking through accessories for your gown be certain that they match not only your gown but the theme of your whole wedding! Don’t purchase a vintage head piece if your wedding theme is glitzy glam. Also take into consideration that most accessories are NON REFUNDABLE. Be certain that if you are purchasing a $500.00 veil that it goes with your gown perfectly, and you aren’t going to stop loving it as soon as you leave the store.

Tip#9: The Questions

You should always have a list of questions that need to be answered before buying a wedding dress. You should also make sure, the answers you are getting to these questions are actually the answers you want to hear.Don’t settle. Think of your wedding dress as a boyfriend, before he comes your husband you need to go through A LOT of trial and error before you know he is the one. You will try on a whole bunch of dresses before you know that you’ve found the one. Do not only worry about the way you look. Worry about the rest of the day in that gown. Are you going to be hot ? Does the material itch? Can you dance in it ? Can you breath in it ? Can you sit down ? Are you confident in it ? these are just a few essential questions that can lead to the purchase or the denial.

Picking your wedding dress is one of the happiest times in the planning of your big day. You only get married once, make it count. Do not settle for less. Find the dress that makes you cry, smile, laugh, jump up and down like a five year old, make you feel sexy; it is out just have to find it (:

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