The perfect Fall Wedding
Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hi Again! as we all know Fall begins TODAY.  I am writing this blog to give you some ideas on a P E R F E C T fall wedding. Lets start off with the color schemes:

  • Pumpkin Spice: 
  • Sweet Cherry: 
  • Risky Purple: 

The color schemes above are just a few to choose from, they are my personal favorite for the season. Once your color scheme is chosen, Now, lets choose your venue. When choosing your venue, explore all of your options. Make sure that your vision can be created. Fall weddings typically take place in barns, lodges, or outdoor areas. However, most of those locations can be very pricey, When choosing a venue, its all about what can be done and what cannot. You would need a venue that is flexible to your needs. It is YOUR wedding. Using an inside venue, can assure that weather conditions will not interrupt your wedding day. That would be tragic.

Fall Invitations: 

When choosing your invitation layout, be UNIQUE. Don’t do the typical invitation layout. Yes, I know your guests are most likely going to throw them out, but believe it or not, your invitations send out the whole vibe of your wedding day. Don’t just settle. Always save an invitation for your memory book. Its going to be amazing to look back on. Explore your options. Read reviews on stationary venues, make sure they show you a sample of your invitation before they are ordered. It would be horrific to have a whole vision created and then they arrive and they atrocious.

Centerpieces/Table settings:

One of my favorite phases in planning is choosing the way my reception tables are going to look. Break down your table DETAIL by DETAIL. I am very big on organization, and that is a key essential to planning a wedding. Your centerpieces, should be simple rustic with a hint of your flavor. Here are some examples:

Branches are always a great centerpiece for a fall wedding. It is fall, so what better way to represent fall then by using a representation of what fall is all about, natural beauty. Accentuate the centerpiece with candles, or accent flowers just to give it that romantic touch.


 Using leaves as a centerpiece is another beautiful and unique option. It gives it that fall FLARE. Leaves come in all shapes and sizes, which gives your centerpieces dimension. It is the perfect way to keep it simple but not dull. Mix it in with some flowers, and candles to bring out the colors and you have yourself an amazing centerpiece.


You can never go wrong with candles at a wedding. It sets the romantic feel, plus it wont cost you an arm and a leg. It creates a sense of tranquility and romance. The luminescence of a candle reaffirms the power of LOVE, which is what we are trying to accomplish here. Candles can always make a big difference towards the atmosphere of the event. PERFECT MOOD. 

Flower Arrangement:

I personally love SUNFLOWERS as centerpieces for a fall wedding. Sunflowers create pure thoughts, adoration and dedication which go hand in hand with a marriage. Sunflowers just lift your spirits. Its a reflection of feeling warmth and caring. This could be a perfect flower arrangement for a fall wedding.
Stay tuned for more exciting ideas! Aqua Reception is your premier event location. All can be done to make your wedding day the perfect day. Put your trust in AQUA to create the wedding of your dreams.<3 

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