The Ultimate Guide to Wedding (or Event) Floral Arrangements
Thursday, July 23, 2020

Flowers are bound to make a huge statement for your next event. They are usually a dominating factor in your decor and can take your event centerpieces next-level with their luxurious or personal feel. Here’s everything you need to know about floral centerpieces for your wedding, corporate event, quinceanera, or any other special occasion.

Know the Basics

You don’t have to become a flower expert overnight, but you should totally do some research before meeting with your event planner. While you’re gathering inspiration, try to familiarize yourself with popular wedding flowers. The most popular are roses, peonies, lilacs, freesias, hydrangeas, lilies, and ranunculuses, to name a few.

Incorporate your Color Scheme

We believe the color of your flowers doesn’t have to exactly match with the rest of your decor colors, but they should at least complement your overall palette. Look at different accent colors you’ve chosen, like for your invitations, attire, and table linens, and try your best to pick flowers that are of similar colors. 

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Match your Decor Style 

This tip is key– your flowers should reflect your overall event style. If you’re hosting a formal event, such as a black-tie wedding, your flowers should be on the more traditional side. If your event is more relaxed and informal, you can look to get a little more creative with your floral arrangements, like mix-and-match centerpieces or visible handmade detail. 

Find the Right Florist

Lastly, you’ll want to find a florist that can make your dreams a reality. The “right” florist is someone who understands what you want but also points you in the right direction. Lucky for you, our design team at Aqua will listen to your needs, plan with you, and bring your floral visions to life– no questions asked. 


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Aqua Reception Hall

If you didn’t know where to begin, we hope this guide gives you some insight when choosing your flowers and floral arrangements. Your creativity is destined to shine when planning and styling your special event.  

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