Tips on what you should do once you get ENGAGED!
Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Once engaged, the craziness of wedding planning begins. Understandable, of course! There is a lot to be done. However, I’ve decided to give you a few tips on how to keep the relationship healthy throughout the process. Wedding planning is a stressful process, it brings a lot of craziness to the relationship, so you need to focus on keeping the relationship & wedding planning graceful.

  1. Date Night: I cannot stress enough how important this is! Yes, both of you have lives that you need to continue living and that is fine. However, fill one of the 7 days a week in with a traditional date night for you and your fiance. It is essential. This night involves no wedding planning, no stressful concepts, just you and hubby reminding one another why you fell in love in the first place. So arrange a night where you do something different with one another and enjoy the company. BE IN LOVE!
  2. His Band: Most guys are not complicated when it comes to their wedding band. Therefore, the search shouldn’t be difficult. You should know your fiance very well and picking his band should be simple. You do not need to spend loads of money on it. If you go to a jeweler to find one, they will charge you an arm and a leg. If you have the body parts to spare GO FOR IT; If you do not, Amazon is a great option. I know, it sounds sketchy, but it works.
  3. Cash Back! When buying ANYTHING for your wedding open an account that gives you points for your purchases. There is a website called “ebates” and it doubles your cash back, just make sure to use them for your purchases. They have 2-10% cash back rate. When creating an account with them use their bookmarking tool so it will remind you to activate your cash back on the purchase.
  4. PINTEREST: CREATE A SECRET BOARD. It is almost essential when planning a wedding. Let your maid of honor and bridesmaids get in on it. This way, all of you can input ideas so you aren’t doing everything on your own. It helps A LOT. Plus, pinterest is just fun in general. Your ideas can be infinite.
  5. I LOVE AMAZON: Create a registry on Amazon. They offer a “universal registry” which is AWESOME! A universal registry gives you the option to add items that aren’t even sold on amazon, this way you have a list of everything you’ve added. Plus hello, you can look at other customers reviews before making a purchase. IT IS A LIFE SAVER. On top of everything is gives you a 10% discount on remaining items and a printable thank you list. Two birds…one stone.
  6. Be honest.  Being honest in a marriage is essential to keep it strong and healthy. Make sure to always communicate honestly. Talk about all of your struggles that will hurt the relationship in the long run. Work on fixing them now. There is an awesome book (on amazon) called ” QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE YOU GET MARRIED”. Read it and love it.
  7. Always be kind.  Planning a wedding can get the best of your emotions. It is stressful and stress can bring out the ugly side of people. Do not take it out on one another. Try to keep the relationship fresh by doing little cute things for each other. Little notes, cute texts, random I love you’s. Do not let the stress of wedding planning drive you away from each other. Marriages are not 50/50 it requires 100% from both parties. When you are in love, it shouldn’t be hard to constantly show it.
  8. Ask for Advice. Your parents should be the go to for wedding advice, however, if they aren’t, ask married friends and family for advice. Sharing a life together is a new concept to the both of you. You are not going to know it all. You will run into bumps along the road, and its NORMAL I promise. You just need to find ways to deal with them, smooth them out. It will only get better with time.
  9. Write a journal. This helps me greatly. I love writing things down. It helps with my emotions. As a women you can go through a variety of emotions per day. Write it down, and they do not have to be sad or mad entry’s. Write down when you are so happy, why you are happy etc..It feels amazing to look back at it and just remember the emotion you felt that day.
  10. Relationship status? its complicated. Marriages are complicated. Just like everything in life. Nothing good, comes easy. It takes work. This is a new journey the both of you will embark on together. Some days you will be at each others throats and others you will be so in love its nauseating. Doesn’t that sound amazing. Relationships are the most complicated forms of love, but it is so worth it.

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