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Wedding Themes Based on the Seasons

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Wedding season is always in full swing, especially in Miami where the weather is unfailingly perfect. When it comes to planning the perfect gathering, it’s not hard to imagine all the specifics you might want to make your day extra special. Below, we’ve curated a guide based on the seasons to help you map out what wedding themes fit you best! Browse thoroughly, we have a feeling many items will catch your attention. 
The summer heat has officially been beaten. Now, with the cooling temperatures and change in foliage (not so much in Miami but you get the gist), fall is a wedding season that is trendy and worth catching on to. To make your fall wedding stand out, here are some of our suggestions for colors, flowers, and food.

  • succulents, greenery, and dark colors
  • gold accents with mixed shades of tangerine or burgundy 
  • warmer, “homestyle” foods

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The winter brings feelings of coziness. There’s just something about the season that brings people together. Love will truly be in the air for your winter wedding. These are our favorite wedding must-haves for winter.

  • ivory, white flowers, and deep green and blue accents
  • light touches of florals and sequins
  • warm, festive foods and drinks

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Spring is the season of bright flowers and simple pastels. It’s the perfect weather balance between cold and hot. With that being said, we think this is the perfect season if you’re looking for a light, airy wedding. Here are some staples to bring the evening together!

  • outdoor natural setting with eccentric lighting
  • pastel watercolors with floral arrangements
  • fresh, cold food with fruity drinks

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Summer is the time to let loose and let your hair down. These summer wedding details are focused on being bold while keeping cool. Take a look below, we have a feeling you’re going to love these options. 

  • bold and vibrant colors (we think aqua blues and cherry reds) 
  • unique flower arrangements
  • cold treats like an ice cream or popsicle bar

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From spring to summer and back again, you’re wedding is sure to be an unforgettable day. We hope this guide inspires you as you being planning your special event. Remember these details to help you through whatever season you choose for your wedding day!  

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