Wedding Trends to Look Forward to in 2018
Wedding Trends to Look Forward to in 2018
Tuesday, December 19, 2017

While 2017 brought forward wedding trends like naked cakes, doughnut bars, and neutrals with pops of color, the trends of 2018 are looking even better. From out of this world dessert options to rustic and woodsy motifs, 2018 trends will really bring to light the effort that goes into planning the perfect wedding.

Navy for Neutral. In the past, the neutral shades in wedding palettes have for the most part been the classics like black, grey, and champagne. But more recently couples have opted for navy and midnight blues as their go to neutral. The color trend carries over to invitations as well. Where there once were classic black and white engraved invitations there are now deep midnight blue pressed invitations.

Cool Metals. The rose gold trend may be winding down in 2018. In recent history, couples were drawn to the warmer metals such as gold, brass, and rose gold. But in 2018, silver and chrome are being mixed into wedding décor for an elegant and modern affect. Can anyone say, “Dripping in Diamonds”?

Dripping with Beauty. Step aside naked cakes, there’s a new sheriff in town. Dripping cakes are stealing the dessert spotlight in 2018. These cakes feature a delicate drizzle of icing which not only looks classy and refined, but also adds a whimsical touch to any wedding. To make this trend even more enticing, the drizzle affect can be added onto every type of cake, from multi-tiered to individual cupcakes.

More than Just Cake. Classic wedding cakes and cake cutting ceremonies are not going anywhere; as a matter of fact they are becoming more popular. Elaborate or unique desserts are coming into play right beside cakes. At the end of the night when guests are beginning to have a hankering for something sweet, couples are starting to roll out the dessert bar with ice cream treats, cookies, and other nontraditional wedding goodies.

Into the Woods. There is a difference between “rustic” and “woodsy”, and brides are opting for the woodsy. Replace the burlap with lots of greenery and wood accents. Swap out those mason jars with lantern center pieces to be well on your way to the perfect “woodsy” feel.

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